By Marino Formenti


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Video's Introduction

Table of Content


Optic of the ophthalmic strategy in Myopia Management

  • Myopic evolution and characteristics of vision from an emmetropic to a myopic status
  • Prismatic effect of the Single Vision Lens
  • Scenario of prismatic effect of Rx centered at distance for a full time wear
  • The convergence excess patient’s optic without and with an ADD for near


The Lag of Accommodation

  • Accommodation theory
  • Accommodative stimulus and Accommodative response
  • Near Vergence second to over or under-accommodation?
  • How to measure the Lag of Acc.
  • Nott Retinoscopy to measure Accommodative response
  • Near ADD as an approach to reduce the Hyperopic defocus and high Lag of Acc.


The flexibility of the Accommodative and Vergence Systems

  • The profile of the Myopic child
  • The Accommodative flexibility: purpose, characteristics and evaluation
  • The 2.00D flipper: procedure and interpretation
  • Different Diagnosis with Binocular and Monocular flipper
  • The vergence flexibility: purpose, characteristics and evaluation
  • Prismatic flipper (8BI/12BO) and Double prism (3BI/12BO)
  • The prismatic flipper and Double prism: procedure and interpretation
  • Relating vergence Flexibility with the phoria


The Near Point of Convergence

  • Efficient binocular vision in relation with near point of convergence and accommodation
  • Importance of reading distance
  • Near Point of convergence with or without an accommodative task
  • Procedure and interpretation


The Diagnosis of a Binocular Vision Dysfunction

  • Clinical procedures in Myopia Management
  • Refraction as an ineffective procedure to
  • evaluate the visual performance of the myopic child
  • Comprehensive visual exam includes testing for Lag of Accommodation, Accommodative Flexibility, Phoria, Vergence Flexibility, Near Point of Convergence
  • Characteristics of myopic profile
  • The visual diagnosis at a glance
  • How to get to the diagnose of a vergence problem
  • How to get to the diagnose of an accommodative problem
  • Differential Diagnosis between a Binocular vision disorder
  • Different approaches in treatment’s options

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